Parent Coaching

What is a Parent Coach?

A parent coach is someone who will guide you to create a deep authentic connection that you seek with your Child.

Parent coaching will ask you to step outside the traditional box of parental thinking.

Parent coaching will guide you to create a set of beliefs about what your child needs to develop, not a set of rules.

A Parent coach will guide you to transform your parenting to connect and engage with your Child using emotional intelligence as your child responds best to validation and empathy(the new paradigm of parenting ) over yelling and punishment. (Traditional outdated way of parenting ) .

In order to develop emotional intelligence in our children, we must first learn to process and regulate our own emotions. Parent coaching will guide you on how to be the best model for emotional intelligence for your Child.

What does this all mean?

Parent Coaching and The Parent Coach Course are rooted in the beliefs of conscious parenting.

Did you know that it is estimated that 95% of our actions come from our unconscious? It is believed that when we parent unconsciously, this is where we create a disconnect within the child-parent relationship.

An unconscious parent is unaware that as a parent we carry emotional baggage leftover from our unmet needs in our own Childhood and the negative patterns and beliefs that we have created we are now projecting onto our own Children.

To become a conscious parent means to understand how we were parented directly impacts how we parent and the relationship we have with our Child. Many of us were parented in the old paradigm of parenting where punishments and consequences were used to control and parent over our children as a POWER PARENT. In the new paradigm of parenting, we understand that it's not about exerting control over our child but about creating authentic relationships with them based on our values with a mindset shift to becoming an EMPOWERED parent

A Parent Coach will guide you in a safe, non-judgemental space to create new beliefs that support your values and vision of the parent you wish to be.

In order to effectively raise our own children, we must first raise ourselves!

This means that the only one that requires timeout ... is US!

Big emotions in our child AKA tantrums and meltdowns often cause us to react by yelling, giving consequences, threatening, or just giving in. This often leads to disconnection and mistrust. Parent coaching will support you to see tantrums as the biggest opportunity for growth and connection with your Child. 

Through our work together you will gain the confidence you need to take on any and every parenting challenge.

Each Family is unique and a parenting coach course can be tailored to your specific needs. Please sign up for a free discovery call

I offer ...

-1:1 Parent coaching ( via phone/video chat)

-Group parent coaching course (via phone)

-Parent workshops ( Local area)

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