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Hi! I am Dana Bianco. I am a certified Parent Coach who specializes in guiding parents to discover their unique abilities to develop the deep connection they seek with their child. Yes……even in the most challenging situations. 

As we work together, we will explore your inner dialogue and cultivate an awareness and uncover the negative patterns that may have ruminated since childhood. Transforming these “limited beliefs” into a whole new call to action is the key that will allow you to engage in and unlock your true potential as a parent. I will guide you to create an even more authentic relationship with your child built on your core values and your vision of being the best and most effective parent you can be. Parent coaching is not counseling or therapy, rather identifying where you presently are in your parenting life and creating a plan using valuable tools to get you where you would ultimately like to be. You can expect emotional support from me for your child as you learn to respond, rather than react, to your child’s needs. Working together we will rewrite your parenting story through harnessing the most powerful energy available to us, what is within you! 

Join the revolutionary parenting movement on the rise...

I have my BA in Human Services, MA in Special Education, and am a Certified Parent Coach. I possess over 20 years of experience working with young children  with developmental delays or who are living life on the Autism spectrum, alongside their families in New York City. In my capacity as an Applied Behavior Analyst, I actively engaged and supported each child during my tenure, to their absolute fullest potential. Given these years of first-hand experiences with the aforementioned families, I also navigated quite the emotional journey with parents on their quest. I actively assisted these families with varied social and educational options for their child while striving to help them to be the best possible parents and advocates for their special-needs children. 

My experience has afforded me numerous rich learning opportunities, the pinnacle being; the understanding that a child reaches their utmost potential when parents play a vital role in decision making and follow-through. I’ve always realized that the actualization of a child’s fullest potential rests within the hands and hearts of their parents. In the chaos of being a special needs parent, I continually seek ways to help them grow to possess this belief as well. I wanted to not only provide them a toolkit to work on specific skills with their child, but more importantly assist in navigating their own emotional journey as a parent. This beautiful opportunity helped me in facilitating other powerful realizations thus leading me to my journey here and now. 

In helping them  breakthrough, I had a personal epiphany! I began searching for information on ways to support the individuals in their role as the parent. In my research, I stumbled across the JAI institute for Parent Coaching training and certification program. This program and what it represents are aligned with my belief system and I was blown away by the fact that there was an actual career that embodied all the tenets I had committed my life to and was envisioning in my mind.  From there I made the jump and decided to make a career shift from ABA therapist and became a Parent Coach. 


My desire to transform my own life’s challenges into opportunities for personal growth, self-acceptance, and a way to better connect with people in a present, non-judgmental way has become my biggest strength and personal asset.   

Five years ago I became a Stepmother to a now almost 18 year old girl and a 7 year old boy.  I thought I was prepared but nothing quite prepares you for this kind of journey until you start living it. Two years ago I finally became a Mother as well and I can tell you that in becoming a parent coach, I was required to take the parent coach course myself. I am so grateful for all that I learned about myself . All that I was able to transform within myself and my relationships with my step children and how much more confident and calm I am in parenting my daughter now. 

Working in homes with children on the Autism Spectrum as well as their families has afforded me the gift of unique insight and depth of personal experience to support parents presented with difficult circumstances. Those years of experience have shaped my outlook on the ever-important role of the parent and their role in guiding their children emotionally. 

Through my personal journey as a step-mother, I have experienced the great challenges that come with this awesome responsibility. My Step-Mom experiences have provided me unique insight and personal experience to be able to connect and support other Stepmothers on a similar journey not often talked about as your parent coach.

Entering into a marriage with a divorcee, I’ve seen the great challenges and difficulties that lingering, unresolved anger and pain can do to families of divorce; most especially children. I encourage any parent who has not been able to let go of past hurt in failed marriages to seek some form of coaching or guidance. As your parent coach, I am happy to offer you support in reframing past hurts into the new ground level for your future functional and thriving parenting approach.  

I’m most grateful for my own little miracle. However, my personal journey with IVF and infertility issues left emotional pain that I needed to personally work through. Please know if you take anything away from my page, you are not alone. I have yet to understand why as a society we don’t talk about how common these issues all are. I have been able to connect with and support other women on this difficult journey through Parent Coaching. 

I bring that and all of the other chapters of my personal story into my coaching arsenal as they have certainly molded my desire to help others and help curate a new approach to positive parenting despite challenges along our collective journey. 

Dana Bianco offers:

  • 1:1 parent coaching (via telephone/Video chat)
  • Group parenting coaching course (via telephone) 
  • Parent workshops (local area) 

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